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Help When You Need It

We work NATIONWIDE helping our clients get approved for rental homes despite their bad credit, building good credit to get approved for a mortgage loan, buy a car, or even start your own business. YOU NAME IT, WE OFFER IT!

We work Nationwide

It was worth the WAIT!


Get that car you've always wanted, a few high-limit credit cards and that house you've been eyeing for quite some time!!

We can guarantee you WILL have a healthier credit in just 90 days!

We are a group of Real Estate Specialists, who assist people in renting, loans and ultimately becoming a homeowner. 


  • Eviction 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Foreclosure 
  • Trouble Proving Income
  • Criminal Background
  • Bad Credit
  • No Credit
  • No Rental History 

Superb Value

The Process

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What We Offer

The Big 90


The entire process to get you moved into a rental home (if needed), and build new credit history takes 90 days. You will have access to the Client Portal to monitor the progress healthy credit history.

We know what it's like to get denied because of negative credit. Most of us have been down that road.

 If you are having a hard time renting a nice place, getting approved for a nice car, starting/building a business or a loan, we GUARANTEE we can help!

If You're Having ANY Of The Issues Above, CALL US TODAY!

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Call or email us today to discuss your needs and plan how we're going to lead you to a healthier life. 

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